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Super Servo

Super Servo

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It’s a servo… just barely. The Melonbotics Super Servo is the perfect size to power everything from intakes to swerve drives. Thanks to inbuilt stall protection, it’s fully compliant and compatible with the control hub ports.

New revision with updated controller coming for June 2024. Stay tuned.


  • Compact motor with integrated gearbox
  • 4mm D-shaft output
  • Smart controller with current limiting
  • 3-wire servo interface
  • 10W max power draw
  • Continuous rotation only  

This product is FTC legal as per game manual rule <RE11>.


  • Stall Current 1.7A (electronically limited)
  • Free Current 0.18A
  • Stall torque (continuous) 0.6kg•cm
  • Stall torque (peak) 1.3kg•cm 

Peak stall torque is provided at startup. If a stall condition continues to occur, the controller will taper the torque output linearly until it reaches 0.6kg•cm over a period of 45 seconds.

This is to thermally protect the controller and motor, and to maintain compliance with the REV Hub’s 2A per servo channel limit.

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